Varicose Veins

1. Are all varicose veins visible?

No, it depends on your weight and your size. Certain varicose veins can only be seen using a duplex ultrasound scanner.

2. Why treat minor varicose veins?

Most minor varices do not cause circulation problems and in general are not tender or painful. The aim of treatment is mainly cosmetic to improve the aesthetic appearance.

3. Why treat the larger varicose veins?

These are superficial veins that no longer function properly. In these veins the blood descends towards the feet rather than rising towards the heart. We call this "Reflux". This then causes a raised intra venous pressure with leakage of fluid and poor oxygenation of the tissues. This in turn causes pain, restless legs, oedema, superficial thrombophlebitis, eczema, skin discolouration and in the worst cases open ulcers. Sclerotherapy treatment prevents this reflux and all its attendant complications.

4. Aren ?t all the veins necessary?

Not in the legs. The essential venous return is by the deep veins and the superficial veins play a minimal role. When they are varicose, they do more harm than good to the circulation, and treating them improves the circulation in the legs.

5. When should I seek treatment?

Venous insufficiency of the legs is a progressive problem over time. The earlier the treatment, the better the long-term results and the better the cosmetic outcome. An early treatment is advised if you want to be able to avoid surgery.