After a careful review of the patient ?s history and antecedents, we explain clearly our specialty ?s scope. We detail the exploratory procedures and explain what we can expect from them in order to propose appropriate treatments. We review the pros and cons of each treatment.

THE CLINICAL EXAM is performed:
a) lying down for an evaluation of the arterial, venous, lymphatic or cutaneous clinical situation.

b) standing up for a better evaluation of the superficial venous situation.

THE DUPLEX-SCAN is the best exploratory tool.

a) it is performed standing up for the exploration of superficial veins.
b) lying down for all other investigations.

WE PROVIDE an explanatory note on all aspects of sclerotherapy if such a treatment is required.

SCLEROTHERAPY is started, if necessary.

THERE IS NO SURPRISE ON FEES. (see section on fees)

IN SUMMARY: This consultation takes about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. It includes a clinical exam, a duplex-scan exam and sclerotherapy treatment if necessary.

The service is identical in each clinic. All our doctors are vein, artery and lymphatic system specialists.

Every case is different: some problems are only aesthetic, others are more serious. However our fees are the same whatever the motive of the consultation or the exploratory exams performed.

The exploratory procedures are painless.

The treatment is painless.

The explanations are clear.

And you will notice that our English improves with each visit &